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Autorius: Antraštė: Focus Issues with Baseball Photography

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Priregistravo: 2017-9-11
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[*] 2017-10-17 13:43
Focus Issues with Baseball Photography

Hi Everyone,
I'm an amateur photographer who just enjoys taking photos at my kids' baseball, softball and hockey games and dance recitals. I have a Nikon D40 and a Sigma lens that is 70-300mm. I had always relied on just using the sports setting for baseball and softball since the lighting is usually okay (at least compared to a hockey rink!) but lately had been moving toward using manual settings since I have to try to shoot through a chain link fence. I was trying to use the lowest possible aperature setting (about a 4) with a shutter speed of about 250 or 500 since theses are grade school kids and they aren't moving that quickly. :) I thought I was getting great shots until I came home and uploaded them to find out that the background (trees, fence, kids in the outfield) are perfectly in focus while my kid is completely out of focus! So obviously my camera doesn't know what I'm trying to focus on. I don't want to try manual focus but have experimented with the different AF settings and AF area modes without much luck. The best luck I've had is focusing on their cleats (seems to be the best thing the camera can find) and then using the AF lock. But this is a pain. Any suggestions? Am I setting the aperature too low?
Thanks for your help!

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Priregistravo: 2018-3-11
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[*] 2018-3-11 11:13

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Do you use retouching?
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