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Production of Prints

Fast and cheap way to get your prints doen online - delivering in any part of Lithuania.

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photo_library  Prints prices and formats

10x15cm 15x15cm 15x21cm 15x23cm 20x20cm 20x30cm 30x30cm 30x40cm 30x45cm
Glossy Matt  Glossy Matt Glossy Matt Glossy Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt


0.26€ 0.26€ 0.28€ 0.49€ 0.60€ 1.99€ 2.19€ 2.39€
10x15cm 15x15cm 15x21cm 15x23cm 20x20cm 20x30cm 30x30cm 30x40cm 30x45cm
Silk Silk Silk Silk Silk Silk Silk Silk Silk
0.19€ 0.45€ 0.38€ 0.38€ 0.89€ 0.90€ 3.39€ 2.99€ 3.19€

Prices does not include corrections! When ordering prints you can choose extra corrections (free image corrections):

  • Process color corrections + 0.00 €, 1 unit
  • Add white frame on the prints +  0.01 €, 1 unit
  • Remove red eyes +  0.02 €, 1 unit
  • Colourful, black & white or sepia printing + 0.00 €, 1 unit

Administration fee 0.59 € - it is one tie payments for usage of servers space for order, order production, consultations. Packing and its material fee also included into administaration fee. 

Spausdinamų nuotraukų formatai ir dydžiai

Order prints online 24 hours a day!

Prints order online - convenient way to order prints withouth leaving your home or office.Orders are accepted 24 hours daily, done in 1-5 working days, depending from location of collection or delivery adress. You can pick up your prints in our salons Klaipėda or Kaunas free of charge, but of course we can deliver your order anywhere in Lithuania (Vilnius, Šiauliai, Panevėžys ir kt.).

When ordering prints, you can choose few different paper options - glossy, matt or silk.  Glossy paper is brighter however you wont see so much fingerprints and scratches on matt paper if prints won't be protected from external impact.

Image size in pixels Maximum format for quality print production
787 x 1181 px 10 x 15cm
1024 x 1417 px 13 x 18cm
1181 x 1654 px 15 x 21cm
1575 x 2362 px 20 x 30cm
2362 x 3543 px 30 x 45 cm

It is possible to do prints out of standart size for up to 160cm wide and unlimited lenght. 

If you don't find suitable format for your prints we can offer you out of stadart print size. Prints that are bigger than 30cm x 40 cm are not cropped so you can expect some white sides.  

Nestandartinių nuotraukų spausdinimas

Prints online cheaper - for the prints production we use only highest quality chemistry and photo-paper. Prints are made in Lithuania (Klaipėda) as well as only having  highest knowledge and experience specialists are dealing with your prints. Choose most convinient way to order - laptop or smartphone - it's as easy !

photo_size_select_large  Framing of the prints

When ordering prints online you can choose printing style- framed or full frame.

Kadruota nuotrauka Framed - image will be adjusted for printing so that there is no white edges left. (It is recommended choice)
Pilnas kadras Full frame - image will be printed withouth changing the frame so there could be some white edges left.

Framed prints production

Turimos Current imge size will be changed so your print, on selefted format, would't have white edges. ( Exlusion for formats bigger than 30cm x 40cm)

Full Frame

Image size is left as it is and if there is some framing discrepancy, white edges are left. 

local_shipping  Prints delivery options and prices

Delivery option Preliminary term Price
Fotofabrikas.lt salon / Taikos pr 17, Klaipėda 2-5 d.d 0 €
Fotofabrikas.lt salon / Birželio 23-osios g. 23g, Kaunas 2-5 d.d. 0 €
LP Express termina / terminalų sąrašas 2-5 d.d 2.99 €
Selected adress / kurjeriai 2-5 d.d 2.99 €

Pigus nuotraukų spausdinimas Klaipėdoje

information of how to order prints online  

  1. Select "Upload pictures";
  2. Wait until system will process information, select images you want to get printed and press '' Make prints'';
  3. Choose format, amount and paper type (glossy, matt or silk);
  4. If there's a nedd, choose additional services such as red eye removal etc.;
  5. Select "pay", choose delivery, payment type and press 'pay';
  6. After finish the order you will get an email with order number;
  7. You can track your order status when loging into your account by selecting order history;
  8. If there is promotio at present, your order date might change but don't worry, you will be informed in such cases.
  9. After prints are delivered to salon, if you choose so, you will get an email leting you know.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate and call  8 800 71010 or email [email protected]