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Mcdodo CA-3461 USB-C to USB-C cable, PD 100W, 1.8m (black)

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Mcdodo CA-3461 USB-C to USB-C cable, PD 100W, 1.8m (black) Experience how quickly you can renew the power of your devices. The USB-CUSB-C cable from Mcdodo supports the PD 100W fast charging protocol and operates at up to 5A. Thanks to the smart chip, you don't have to worry about the safety of your equipment, and LED indicators will inform you about the charging status. The product also enables high-speed data transfer. The cable length is 1.8 meters. Fast energy restoration Instantly charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop or game console. The Mcdodo cable supports PD technology with 100 watts of power and operates at up to 5 amps. Thanks to a built-in chip, it automatically adjusts the power to the device being charged, so the renewal process is completely safe. LED backlighting Colorful LED indicators will let you know the charging status of your device. When you see orange, it means that the device's energy is being renewed using fast charging technology. When the color blue appears, it means that a sustained charge is in progress. On the other hand, a steady blue color is an indication that the device has been fully charged. Specification: Manufacturer Mcdodo Model CA-3461 Interface USB-C to USB-C Power 100 watts (max) Current 5 A (max) Material Aluminum alloy + nylon Length 1.8 m .table-wrapper{width:100%;overflow-x:auto}.table-wrapper>table{border-spacing:0}.table-wrapper>table>tbody>tr>td,.table-wrapper>table>tbody>tr>th{padding:10px 35px;text-align:left}.table-wrapper>table>tbody>tr>th{vertical-align:top}.table-wrapper>table>tbody>tr:nth-child(even){background-color:#f7f7f7}


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