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Navitel MSR700

Code: 00272MCF
Extended Warranty
Orderable productIn trade available
Liko 3 vnt.
Pristatymas 7-10 d.d.


NAVITEL MS700 is a car GPS running on OS Windows CE. It works completely offline and offers tons of advanced navigational features. There is an extensive SPEEDCAM database providing timely and accurate alerts about speed limits. Complex traffic junctions are shown in 3D so you will never miss an exit on a motorway again. Spoken word driving directions in multiple languages are supported.<br><br>NAVITEL MS700 is a real bargain with pre-loaded maps of 47 countries, including maps of the whole Europe. Searching for the address you need is fast and simple; and routes are built instantly. Multiple Points of interest such as filling stations and ATMs are shown along the route for driver’s convenience.<br><br>NAVITEL MS700 has a 7-inch TFT display with a wide viewing angle. The device can be easily mounted in a car with the help of NAVITEL® windscreen holder. A car charger and stylus are also included in the package.<table class='productspecs'> <tr class='speccategory' > <th colspan='2'><b>GPS type<b><th> <tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Auto:<td> <td class='optionName'>Y <td><tr> <tr class='speccategory' > <th colspan='2'><b>Navigation<b><th> <tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Languages support:<td> <td class='optionName'>Multi <td><tr> <tr class='speccategory' > <th colspan='2'><b>Map<b><th> <tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Map coverage:<td> <td class='optionName'>Albania,Andorra,Croatia,Czech Republic,Denmark,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Hungary,Iceland,Italy,Liechtenstein,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Netherlands,Norway,Poland,Portugal,Russia,San Marino,Slovakia,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,Ukraine,United Kingdom <td><tr><tr class='specValue odd'> <td class='featureName'>Maps included:<td> <td class='optionName'>Y <td><tr> <tr class='speccategory' > <th colspan='2'><b>Display<b><th> <tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Display diagonal:<td> <td class='optionName'>17.8 cm (7") <td><tr><tr class='specValue odd'> <td class='featureName'>Touchscreen:<td> <td class='optionName'>Y <td><tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Display resolution:<td> <td class='optionName'>800 x 480 pixels <td><tr><tr class='specValue odd'> <td class='featureName'>Display:<td> <td class='optionName'>TFT <td><tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Backlight display:<td> <td class='optionName'>Y <td><tr><tr class='specValue odd'> <td class='featureName'>Widescreen:<td> <td class='optionName'>Y <td><tr> <tr class='speccategory' > <th colspan='2'><b>Memory<b><th> <tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Storage media type:<td> <td class='optionName'>Memory card <td><tr><tr class='specValue odd'> <td class='featureName'>Compatible memory cards:<td> <td class='optionName'>SD <td><tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Internal memory type:<td> <td class='optionName'>DDR3 <td><tr><tr class='specValue odd'> <td class='featureName'>RAM capacity:<td> <td class='optionName'>256 MB <td><tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Maximum memory card size:<td> <td class='optionName'>32 GB <td><tr> <tr class='speccategory' > <th colspan='2'><b>Design<b><th> <tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Form factor:<td> <td class='optionName'>Fixed <td><tr><tr class='specValue odd'> <td class='featureName'>Colour of product:<td> <td class='optionName'>Black <td><tr> <tr class='speccategory' > <th colspan='2'><b>Ports & interfaces<b><th> <tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>USB connectivity:<td> <td class='optionName'>Y <td><tr><tr class='specValue odd'> <td class='featureName'>Headphone connectivity:<td> <td class='optionName'>3.5 mm <td><tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Mini-USB 2.0 ports quantity:<td> <td class='optionName'>1 <td><tr> <tr class='speccategory' > <th colspan='2'><b>Performance<b><th> <tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Built-in camera:<td> <td class='optionName'>N <td><tr> <tr class='speccategory' > <th colspan='2'><b>Power<b><th> <tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Power source type:<td> <td class='optionName'>Cigar lighter,USB <td><tr> <tr class='speccategory' > <th colspan='2'><b>Packaging content<b><th> <tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Cables included:<td> <td class='optionName'>Mini-USB <td><tr><tr class='specValue odd'> <td class='featureName'>Manual:<td> <td class='optionName'>Y <td><tr><tr class='specValue even'> <td class='featureName'>Window mount holder included:<td> <td class='optionName'>Y <td><tr><tr class='specValue odd'> <td class='featureName'>Car power adapter included:<td> <td class='optionName'>Y <td><tr><table>


Delivery time 7-10 days
Product codes 00272MCF MS700 8594181740241