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Prime3 CVR31

Code: 00228MCF
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Liko 2 vnt.
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When going for a car ride, it is worth equipping the vehicle with a car recorder, which allows you to record the course of the trip. It is extremely useful in case of a dangerous situation occurring on the road, as it can be recorded and played back. The built-in 180 mAh battery is powered directly from the cigarette lighter outlet via the mini USB 2.0 port. Full HD Recording 1.5” LCD Display Loop recording Wide angle lens 140o High resolution photos Motion detection G-sensor Parking Monitoring Build-in speaker and microphone Mini USB 2.0 Up to 32GB Micro SD Video resolution: 1920x1080P1280x720P640x480P (30fps) Format: AVI Build-in batteryL 180 mAh Dimensions: 48 x 61 x 35 mm Weight: 35 g


Delivery time 10-14 days
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