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Verbatim Store n Stay Nano 32GB USB 2.0

Code: 141339253VOK
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Liko 200 vnt.
Pristatymas 11-14 d.d.


The Verbatim NANO USB Drive has a low profile design which is perfect for use with devices where a full size drive is not suitable. From use with TVs, media players and car audio devices, to expanding the storage of an ultra-book without increasing its footprint, the Verbatim NANO USB Drive is the perfect solution. When inserted into a USB port only 5mm of the Verbatim Store 'n' Stay NANO USB Drive is left protruding, meaning its so small and unobtrusive it can be let in semi-permanently.


Producer Verbatim
Color Black
Dimensions (length) 17.15 mm
Dimension (Height) 7.7 mm
ROM memory 32 GB
USB 3.0 No
Weight 2 g
Delivery time 11-14 days
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