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Fotopro Free-1 tripod - grey

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The Fotopro Free-1 is an ultra-lightweight tripod in grey that can easily fit in your backpack. It offers a working height from 25, up to 152.5 cm. Thanks to its swivel clamp system, you can unfold it in seconds. It is the ideal choice for photographers, filmmakers, vloggers and travellers who value ultra-mobility and make every gram of luggage count. The unique design allows you to remove the telescopic central column and easily convert it into a monopod with a maximum length of 84cm. The tripod also features an additional mounting hole, a spirit level, non-slip feet and a panorama control system. A carabiner and a smartphone holder compatible with the Arca-Swiss standard are also included. Main product features a versatile tripod offering a working height ranging from 25 to as much as 152.5 cm ideal for DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, sports cameras up to 4kg a great choice for people who travel frequently and are looking for a multi-purpose tripod that fits in a backpack removable central column that doubles as a monopod selfie stick maximum monopod length is 84 cm 5 sections of legs that unfold using a swivel clamp system the tripod weighs as much as a small mirrorless camera with kit lens (800 g) the possibility of reversing the central column allows you to shoot closer to the ground functional ball head included possibility to set the head at 90º and film or shoot vertically head equipped with panorama control system convenient tilt adjustment with ball head Arca-Swiss standard quick-mount plate protected by silicone lining rubber non-slip feet anti-skid padding on one of the legs for easy carrying of the tripod in hand level for easy camera alignment Female 14" mounting thread for the installation of an additional accessory (e.g. a lamp or a "magic arm" mount) included carabiner and smartphone holder The best tripod for travellers When you're out on the road in search of the perfect shots, it's good to have a lightweight tripod with you that will fit in your backpack. The Fotopro Free-1 is the perfect choice for vloggers and photographers who want ultra-lightweight and compact. The tripod weighs as much as a small mirrorless camera with kit lens (800g) and measures just 25cm when folded. Once you've found a spot to take a photo or record some video shots, you'll discover its hidden capabilities. With each of the 5-section legs extended and the central column unfolded, the tripod reaches an impressive 152.5 cm in length! Selfie stick on board When taking travel photos, streaming or recording vlogs, there are often times when you don't have the time or space to set up a tripod. Sometimes you also need to film or photograph yourself quickly, but the frame seems too narrow. In these situations, a monopod comes to the rescue. When you choose the Fotopro Free-1 tripod, you don't have to buy it separately. Simply unscrew the central column, which you can turn into a selfie stick in a matter of moments. With this telescopic handle with a maximum length of 84 cm you will discover completely new ways of framing! Multiple applications The tripod has a three-stage tilt mechanism for the legs, which are made up of 5 sections that are locked with a convenient swivel clamp system. If required, you can invert the central column and position the camera almost on the ground. This is ideal for macro photography. The tripod can be loaded with a backpack, which you can attach using the supplied carabiner. Thanks to the non-slip feet, Fotopro Free-1 can be successfully used both outdoors and at home. Functional ball head The Fotopro Free-1 tripod is equipped with a universal ball head. It is crowned with a quick-mount plate compatible with the Arca-Swiss standard. There is also a precise angle scale and a spirit level. The head offers a panorama control system, as well as the ability to position the equipment at a 90º angle and film or shoot vertically. All these solutions provide great versatility for working with a camera, sports camera or smartphone. Ideal smartphone connection Included with the Fotopro Free-1 tripod, you will receive a smartphone holder to further expand your workflow. Are you recording videos on TikTok? Or are you live-streaming on Instagram? This tripod is the perfect choice if your camera or camcorder is replaced by a smartphone. The mount is compatible with the Arca-Swiss standard, so you can install it on your head, in place of the mounting plate, in seconds. Mounting additional accessories The Fotopro Free-1 tripod was created for modern creatives who are keen on additional accessories to make their daily work easier. It features an additional 14" female thread. This solution will help to install an additional device on the tripod, such as an LED lamp, "magic arm", sound recorder or microphone. Join the #photopro family As you embark on an amazing journey full of unique frames and shots, don't forget to bring a good tripod with you. Share your great photos and videos with us by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #fotopropolska. See you on the trail! Specification model: Fotopro Free-1 colour: grey number of leg sections: 5 material: aluminium max. leg diameter: 25 mm minimum working height of tripod: 250 mm maximum tripod working height: 1525 mm maximum monopod length: 840 mm height in transport position: 250 mm maximum tripod load: 4 kg maximum load for monopod: 3 kg stand weight: 800 g monopod weight: 250 g Set contents Photopro Free-1 tripod - grey Smartphone holder Allen spanner set carabiner


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