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Fotopro X-75C tripod with FPH-72Q ball head - black

Fotopro X-75C tripod with FPH-72Q ball head - black
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Fotopro X-75C tripod with FPH-72Q ball head - black description

The Fotopro X-75C tripod with FPH-72Q ball head is the ideal choice for those who want compact dimensions in the transport position and a large maximum working height (as much as 243.9 cm!). The tripod has a three-stage leg tilt system, which consists of 5 sections. These are locked in place using a convenient swivel clamp system. The removable central column in combination with the unscrewable leg will allow you to create a telescopic monopod in seconds. The tripod is equipped with a spirit level, hook and rubber non-slip feet, under which adhesive spikes are concealed. The set also comes with a sturdy carry bag equipped with a special module allowing it to be extended. The manufacturer also provides a 6-year warranty. Main product features photographic tripod with professional ball head made of high quality aluminium as much as 243.9 cm maximum working height 59 cm length in transport position 5 leg sections extendable via a swivel clamp system maximum load capacity of 12 kg three-stage leg tilt system level for accurate positioning of tripod legs reversible central column for closer-to-the-ground photography included professional ball head Fotopro FPH-72Q head equipped with independent pan and tilt control knobs Arca-Swiss standard quick release plate protected by silicone lining double ball locking system to prevent any movement once locked head equipped with 2 spirit levels 2 360º pivot points on the head 360º scale for precision when taking panoramic shots quick-mount plate fitted with 1/4 "male thread two-sided tripod top screw allowing the installation of heads with 3/8" and 1/4" screw leg protected with silicone lining when combined with the central column and head allows you to quickly and conveniently create a monopod Extractable hook to load the tripod rubber foot pads for good grip on flat ground possibility to remove the rubber feet, under which the spikes are hidden, which make it easier to work on uneven ground additional set of rubber feet pads included sturdy carry bag, which you can enlarge with the zipped module Even higher! The Fotopro X-75C will be an ideal choice if you are looking for a handy tripod that offers an unbeatable maximum working height. In its transport position, it measures just 59 centimetres. When all the legs are extended to their maximum, you get as much as 243.9 cm in height! The tripod has a three-stage leg tilt mechanism. Each leg consists of 5 sections, locked in place with a convenient swivel clamp system. The tripod is great for outdoor use as well as for home use. In-studio and in-the-field The legs of the Fotopro X-75C tripod are equipped with rubber, non-slip pads. Thanks to these, no panels or parquet floors will be scratched and the design will give your frames optimum stability. If you're working outdoors, simply remove the rubber feet and use the adhesive spikes. This will be ideal when the tripod is standing on compacted earth, ice, mud or sand. Professional ball head The Fotopro X-75C tripod is equipped with the FPH-72Q ball head with Arca Swiss standard quick-mount plate. It offers 2 levelers, making it easy to position the camera in the optimum position. The FPH-72Q head has two precise and smoothly operating knobs. One is used to lock and adjust the clamping force of the ball, while the other locks the movement of the rotating head base. There is also a 360º graduation scale, which will help take care of proper precision when shooting panoramic images. Turn a tripod into a monopod When filming and taking photos, there are often times when there is neither time nor space to set up a tripod. This is when a monopod comes to the rescue. Simply unscrew the leg of the Fotopro X-75C tripod, which is finished with a pleasant-to-touch lining. Connect it to the central column and discover completely new ways of framing with the telescopic handle. Upside down The Fotopro X-75C tripod with FPH-72Q ball head is a versatile tool for photographers who work on the go, in the studio or at home. The option to invert the central column will allow you to shoot closer to the ground, which is sure to be appreciated by product photography and nature macro enthusiasts. Comfort-and-convenience-of-working The tripod has a three-stage tilt mechanism for the legs, which are made up of 5 sections, locked in place with a convenient swivel clamp system. You can adjust its height to the unevenness of the terrain in seconds. If required, you will hang an additional load on the special extendable hook. The double-sided mounting element, which allows you to install a head on the tripod, supports 3/8" and 1/4" threads. This makes the whole design more versatile and you can connect even more accessories to it. Safe transport Included with the Fotopro X-75C tripod you will receive a zipped transport bag. It is made of durable material padded with foam to help protect your valuable equipment. Inside, there is also a pocket for small accessories. If you are taking another tripod with you or want more space for accessories, simply unzip the zipper on the side. The folding compartment will provide almost 14 cm of additional space. 6 year warranty Thoughtful design, top quality materials and precision workmanship ensure that the product will serve you for years. All Fotopro tripods come with a six-year warranty! Fotopro X-75C with ball head FPH-72Q is an excellent choice for professionals and enthusiasts, expecting Join the #photopro family As you embark on an amazing journey full of unique frames and shots, don't forget to bring a good tripod with you. Share your great photos and videos with us by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #fotopropolska. See you on the trail! Specification model: Fotopro X-75C tripod with FPH-72Q ball head colour: grey number of leg sections: 5 material: carbon fibre minimum tripod working height: 229 mm maximum tripod working height: 2439 mm height in transport position: 590 mm maximum tripod load: 12 kg tripod weight: 2.67 kg Set contents Photopro X-75C tripod with FPH-72Q ball head additional set of rubber pads for the legs set of allen wrenches transport bag

Delivery time 14-19 w.d.

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Delivery time 14-19 w.d.
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