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Tripod Fotopro iSky Ultra - carbon

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Fotopro iSky Ultra is an innovative long tripod that opens up completely new ways of filming and photographing. When fully extended, the structure reaches a length of almost 8 metres. This allows you to successfully record bird's eye view shots in places where drone filming is prohibited. In combination with a gimbal or a 360º camera, you can create unique panoramas and Hollywood-like invasions! The tripod also comes with a stable tripod that can be detached at any time to create an ultra-long monopod or a pole for installing a microphone. With Fotopro iSky Ultra, you'll take your videos and photos to a whole new level - literally and figuratively!   Main Product Features Innovative tripod that allows you to lift the camera to an impressive height of almost 8 meters designed to work with cameras, camcorders, sound recorders, microphones and sports cameras with a maximum weight of 0.5 kg included a stable triangle and a tripod with a maximum weight of 0.5 kg included stable tripod, which at any time can be detached from the central column, turning the tripod into a long telescopic monopod sturdy construction made of durable carbon fibre strong and comfortable strong and comfortable to use clamps that allow you to adjust the length of the tripod monopod telescopic design which is only 154 centimetres long when folded a great alternative to drones, in places where they are not allowed an ideal choice for those working with 360º cameras and small gimbals to create beautiful panoramas can act as a pole for convenient audio recording from long distances   Bird's eye view without the use of a drone There are places that are just asking to be recorded from the air. Unfortunately, legal regulations often make it impossible to use the increasingly popular drones. This is when the innovative Fotopro iSky Ultra tripod comes into play. By removing the included tripod, you can turn it into a 765 centimetre long monopod, which will allow you to record spectacular aerial camera zooms, as well as capture vibrant cities and vast landscapes on film in a distinctive way.   Video and 360º photos and videos If you want to experience the true power of 360º cameras you need to get up in the air. Set up the Fotopro iSky Ultra tripod on a fold-out tripod and film everything around you, providing you with great souvenirs of your travels, or leave viewers amazed and in awe as they watch your productions on YouTube. You can also use lightweight gimbals and small mirrorless cameras to create amazing panoramic shots or unique images that showcase a huge space from an original perspective.   Universal application The Fotopro iSky Ultra carbon tripod will come in handy not only when taking photos and videos. The 14" thread will also be compatible with many models of microphone holders and audio recorders. If you want high quality audio but are worried about your devices being visible in frames, use a solution used on professional film sets. Use the Fotopro iSky Ultra as a pole and make the microphone the centre of conversations, staged scenes or live music locations.   Convenience and safety The carbon fibre of the Fotopro iSky Ultra tripod guarantees the durability of the entire structure and optimal rigidity, even when fully extended. Quick and efficient use of the telescopic sections is ensured by the easy-to-use clamps with clasps. When not using the unit as a monopod or pole, a stable tripod comes in handy. The set also includes a special transport bag, which will facilitate movement and protect the equipment from damage.   Specification Model: Fotopro iSky Ultra material: carbon fibre colour: carbon number of sections: 6 diameter of centre column: 39 mm length: 1540 mm (folded) max. height: 7650 mm min. height: 1540 mm (folded) max. height: 7650 mm (folded) min. height: 1540 mm lifting capacity: 0.5 kg weight: 3.08 kg Kit contents Photopro iSky Ultra tripod - carbon transport bag


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