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Gitzo tripod kit Traveler GK1545T-82TQD

Gitzo tripod kit Traveler GK1545T-82TQD
Code: 00209NRD
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Manufacturer code: GK1545T-82TQD
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Gitzo tripod kit Traveler GK1545T-82TQD description

GK1545T-82TQD is a Traveler tripod/head kit comprising the GT1545T tripod and the GH1382TQD center ball head.

Traveler tripods, with the 180° leg folding system pioneered by Gitzo, makes more efficient use of folded space by accommodating the centre column and head in between the folded tripod legs. They are now even stronger with the state of the art “Carbon eXact” tubes, more space effcient with the compact ''Traveler G-lock'', more professional with the smooth and precise heads, and easier to carry with the supplied shoulder strap.

The tripod GT1545T has the perfect balance between lightweight when carrying, and height and rigidity when shooting. It is much taller than its predecessor, thanks to the space efficient Traveler G-lock. Recommended for use with 135mm lenses (200mm maximum).
The head GH1382TQD is engineered and designed focusing on ultimate smoothness and precision of the movement and locking, while slim enough to fit between the folded legs. It does not feature the friction control knob, but features independent pan lock. It has no compromises in the ball smoothness (WS2 coating) and hardness of the external and internal components.

The head can be removed easily to attach other heads on the tripod's uppder disc, but it is recommended to use the GH1382TQD head to ensure perfect fitting of the head between the folded legs.

Material Aluminium

Weight 500 g

Delivery time 5-10 w.d.

Producer Gitzo
Material Aluminium
Weight 500 g
Delivery time 5-10 w.d.
Product codes

00209NRD GK1545T-82TQD 8024221640359 719821384076


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