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Velbon L-adapter BR-D

Velbon L-adapter BR-D
Code: 00234NRD
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Manufacturer code: 39104
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Velbon L-adapter BR-D description

Normally when turning the camera to a vertical position on a tripod, all the settings including focus and framing need to be adjusted, however if you attach one of Velbon L-brackets to your camera body this allows you to maintain the center of focus and the center of gravity of camera when changing from landscape to horizontal format.

The BR-D L-bracket is compatible with standard DIN quick release system.

Dimensions (L × W × H): 107 × 42 × 72 mm

Delivery time 5-10 w.d.

Producer Velbon
Delivery time 5-10 w.d.
Product codes

00234NRD 39104 4907990391049


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