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Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm with Quick Release Plate 244RC

Code: 141327147VOK
Manufacturer code: 244RC
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Stock 14 pcs.
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Articulated arm with variable friction gives you extra control Ergonomic knobs help you adjust the photo variable friction arm Photo variable friction arm quick release plate for your safety Versatile design lets you fit to any 16mm female socket Includes a 6.35mm thread attachment for your ease of use Super controlled movement that ensure perfect results every time. The Photo Variable Friction Arm With Quick Release Plate is ideal if you want a piece of kit that offers quick and versatile use.One of the major highlights of this photo variable friction arm is its articulated arm with variable friction. This special design lets you move around simply and precisely, so you can be sure to get the exact angle you need. With its large locking knob, you'll be able to secure everything in place with minimal fuss.The quick release plate provides you with added security, thanks to its very own secondary safety lock. Now both you and your photo variable friction arm are safe on set with this photo variable friction arm.Flexible and practical, this kit also works perfectly with the 035 Super Clamp. You can slot it right into place with any 16mm female sockets, including the essential 6.35mm thread attachment. This freedom of use lets you get started straight away on your next photography job, no matter what practical solutions may be required.Quick and easy to set up, safe and versatile to use. The Variable Friction Arm With Quick Release Plate finally gives you the control you've been looking for. Purchase your photo variable friction arm today.


Producer Manfrotto
Weight 1.08 kg
Delivery time 10-19 w.d.
Product codes 141327147VOK 244RC 8024221258110