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Bresser Junior 50/600 AZ red Refractor telescope

Code: 141359451VOK
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Liko 10 vnt.
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<p>BRESSER Junior Refractor Telescope 45600 For an introduction into the exploration of space this telescope is well suited: a refractor telescope is in a beautiful colours, complete with tripod and all necessary accessories. A small finder scope makes it easy for researchers to find celestial objects, while three different eyepieces allow for different magnifications. A 90 grad diagonal mirror together with a continuously adjustable tripod always provide an easy view to advanced explorers and newcomers. APPLICATION Above all, the moon is the prime object for the Refractor Telescope 45600. The countless craters there are to be explored on our satellite always are a source of amazement. SPECIAL FEATURES 31.7 mm (1.25 ) eyepieces: The supplied eyepieces have a plug diameter of 31.7 mm (1.25 ). This represents an international standard. So also the subsequent retrofi tting with additional eyepieces is easy to allow for more different magnifi cations. FEATURES " Optical Design: Fraunhofer refractor telescope (two-lens achromatic refractor)<p> <p>" Aperture: 40 mm<p> <p>" Focal length ratio: 600 mm F13<p> <p>" Optical tube dimensions: 570 mm length, 60 mm diameter (including dew shield)<p> <p>" Theoretical resolution in arc sec.: 2.9<p> <p>" Recommended maximum magnification: 100x<p> <p>" Eyepiece barrel diameter: 31.7 mm (1.25'')<p> <p>" Tripod-height: continuously adjustable from 60 cm to 110 cm<p> <p>" Optical tube weight: 0.5 kg<p> <p>" Tripod-Material: aluminum<p> <p>" Batteries: not required<p> <p>" Control: manual<p> <p>" Total weight: 1.5 kg<br >" Moon filter: Yes<p>


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