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Explore your Xtra LifeThe rotatable structure in palm size that allows you to toss in a backpack conveniently, an extendable grip made for exploring bigger vision, and a handy App - ZY Cami, for making videos rock everybody! Meet Smooth X and explore your EXTRA life!Ultimate Flexibility at Your PalmNo longer have to choose between high-quality video and lightweight travel. Get both at once! A phone-size rotating gimbal weighing only 246g easily fits into your bag even pocket and provides surprisingly stable footage with your phone.When It Comes to Mobile Filmmaking, Simplicity RulesSimplicity is the king. SMOOTH-X brings unimaginable simple and smooth operation experience: shoot, film, with only three buttons. Prepare it for smartphones of all kinds with full control to native camera. Just grab it and film!See What You Want to SeeA revolutionary, ground-breaking design that makes your "arm" looooonger up to 260mm! Plus, a unique, rotatable motor axis that can fold and hold its position at multiple angles. See what you can get now? More friends, more views, more fun!More Interesting Ways of CreationNo matter you're a TikTok, Instagram talent or a Streamer, SMOOTH-X Quick Roll function ensures you do not miss a single moment worth sharing.Always At the Center of AttentionWherever you go, SMOOTH-X follows. Simply select the desired object and let SMOOTH-X do the rest, always keeping you in view so that you'll never walk off screen and ruin the almost-done shots.Hands Busy? Gestures ReadyGet control of your gimbal whether in hands or not. Now taking a photo or recording a video is as easy as showing a V gesture or waving to camera with your palm.App Born For Awesome EditProfessional editing software now is built in ZY Cami. Cutting, clipping, adding music, stickers, subtitles, transitions...all you want is here.


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