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Natec PowerBank Trevi Compact 5000mAh 2x USB + USB-C

Code: 14053ABL
Manufacturer code: NPB-1940
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Extra power wherever you need it The Natec Trevi Compact Powerbank is a universal and irreplaceable tool for charging your devices. It features many ports that allow you to recharge multiple devices at the same time. Thanks to its portability you can take it with you almost everywhere.Charging multiple devices at the same time? It's possibleWith Natec Trevi Compact you don't have to give up charging multiple devices simultaneously. This is possible thanks to 3 USB ports. Two of them are universal USB-A ports (5V1A, 5V2.1A), we have also not forgotten about the modern USB-C port (5V2.1A).  To charge the device, you will use the Micro USB port (5V2.1) or the USB-C port. Forget about carrying a bunch of cables. Conveniently charge the smartphone and the powerbank using the same cable.Efficient power supply in your pocketDo you need a small powerbank that you can easily carry even in your pocket? Its pocket dimensions (95 x 63 x 15 mm) and low weight (118 g) make it easy to fit not only into a bag or backpack, but even a small pocket. From now on, you do not have to part with a backup energy source. Always have it with you.A proven source of powerIf you are looking for a reliable device with a good reserve of power, then Natec Trevi Compact is for you.  The lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh will allow you to charge safely without worrying about premature energy loss. Reliability is its middle name. Caring for your devicesThe charging process is intrinsically linked to safety. Natec Trevi Compact is distinguished by fully intelligent charging, which automatically selects the optimal settings for the currently charged devices. All this in order not to negatively affect the condition of your electronics and transfer energy in a safe way, so you can enjoy the equipment even longer! Features that matterNatec Trevi Compact is a powerbank that will surprise you with its versatility. It is compact and lightweight so you can take it with you almost anywhere.  LEDs will make sure you always know how much energy is left.  The automatic on and off function has a positive effect on energy efficiency. With the Natec Trevi Compact, charging becomes easier than ever.One powerbank, many devicesIntelligent charging, a multitude of input and output ports makes Natec Trevi Compact a truly universal and safe tool. Charge your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, wireless headphones and much more. All this from one powerbank. Fast and convenient.


Warranty 24 months
Delivery time 10-14 w.d.
Product codes 14053ABL NPB-1940 5901969435290