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Pillow, red ( 35 x 35cm)

Pillow, red ( 35 x 35cm)
Code: 0007pg

An excellent and practical choice for taking a gift for those who love the softness, relaxation, beautiful surroundings.


Red cushion is perfect for a girl / girl birth, christening, birthday and other occasions.


Pillows Size - 35x35cm. / Stamped size 20 x20cm.

In trade available
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Pillow, red ( 35 x 35cm) description

This unit will serve as a wonderful souvenir home décor accent. It can also be a gift for a loved one on Valentine day, christening or any other occasion. You can be sure /-a, the particle will always be with you in the human being to whom the gift is for.


A great gift for mom mothers day proga.Palinkėkite "sweet dreams" in other ...


Baptism,  birthday ...

Color Red

Color Red
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0007pg 9999999999160


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