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Byomic Preparates 5 Pieces Set NR6

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Byomic Preparates 5 Pieces Set NR6
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Byomic Preparates 5 Pieces Set NR6 description

Byomic has ten different sets containing five specimen. This is set number 6.

The ten different sets with each five different specimen consist of:
Set 1: Lris Root c.s, Melosls, Prophase of Lily Anther c.s, Corn Leaf c.s, Sunken Plant Leaf c.s, Triticum Aestivum Pollen Grains, w.m
Set 2: Ligustrum lucidum Leaf c.s, Nicotiana Tabacum stem 1.s, Helianthus stem c.s, Triticum Aestivum Leaf c.s, Pine Leaf c.s
Set 3: Honey Bee stinger w.m, Pine stem, c.s, Helianthus Young stem s.c, Honey Bee Mounth Parts w.m, Frog skin sec
Set 4: Daphnia w.m, Helianthus Root, c.s, Tilia, three year stem, c.s, Rhizopus nigricans, w.m, Lichen, sec
Set 5: Tilia.one Year stem c.s, Tilia Perennial stem c.s, Corn Root Tip, 1.s, Oryza Sativa Leaf c.s Capsella Young Embryo. sec
Set 6: Triticum Aestivum Stem c.s, Lily Anther, c.s, Corn Seed, 1.s, Pollen Germination, w.m, Cucurbita stem, 1.s
Set 7: Yeast, w.m, Penicillium, w.m, Butterfly wings w.m, Spirogyra Vegetative mass, w.m, Lily Ovary, c.s
Set 8: Human Blood smear, Epidermis onion w.m, Vicia Faba stoma, w.m, Corn Root c.s, Earthpea stem c.s
Set 9: House Fly leg w.m, Triticum Aestivum stoma, w.m, Earthpea root c.s, Jasminum Nudiflorum Leaf, c.s, Corn stem c.s
Set 10: Large Vein c.s, Earthworm c.s, Mosquito Female Mouth Parts, w.m, Onion Root Tip l.s, Mouth epithelium w.m

Delivery time 14-17 days

Delivery time 14-17 days
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