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Ceramic beer mug with golden trim (500 ml)

Ceramic beer mug with golden trim (500 ml)
Code: 0045PUOD

For sworn beer lover. Convenient to store, lightweight and suitable capacity (0.5 liter) - a great gift for a birthday, bachelor party or a father's Day. He must have it!

Height 15.2 cm, capacity - 500 ml

In trade available
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Ceramic beer mug with golden trim (500 ml) description

Mug of beer - a gift given to her husband. This luxury ceramic mug with gold stripe - original gift sworn beer lovers. He's going to have! Surprise a colleague, friend, lover of unit and personal beer with a photograph or other image of your choice or a witty greeting. Beer drinking will make the process more enjoyable.


Such a personal beer mug indispensable gift for football, basketball or any other sports fan.


Ideal to welcome dad, grandfather, father's day or birthday.

Color White

Capacity 500 ml

Color White
Capacity 500 ml
Product codes

0045PUOD 9999999999101 0045PUOD 0003BKL 0045PUOD1


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