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Selfie stick / tripod BlitzWolf BW-STB2 with LED ring

Selfie stick / tripod BlitzWolf BW-STB2 with LED ring
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Selfie stick / tripod BlitzWolf BW-STB2 with LED ring description

Selfie stick with LED light BlitzWolf BW-STB2

Live broadcasting, recording a video blog - the BlitzWolf tripod will work well in these and similar situations. It has a height adjustment function, and you can also set brightness and modes according to your needs. The tripod's solid construction provides stability, so you can attach your phone or tablet to it without worrying about damaging your equipment.



The tripod is made of aluminum alloy, ensuring stability. In addition, the non-slip feet prevent the tripod from moving. Equipped with a universal thread, ¼ allows you to connect different types of equipment. You can successfully attach to it a ring flash, camera, smartphone, or GoPro adapter.


Customize its operation to suit your needs

The tripod has a height adjustment function up to 135 cm, so you can adjust it to your own needs. Besides, the LED lamp rotates 360°, and you can adjust the width of the holder up to 9.14 cm, and the width of the tablet - 13-23.5 cm. Enjoy the possibilities that the BW-STB2 offers.


Pilot included

The lamp is equipped with 120 LED beads, providing enough light. In the set, you will also find a remote control integrated with the cable. With it, you can adjust the brightness to up to 10 levels and choose between 3 modes: white light, warm white and warm yellow light.


Convenience of use

This is not the end of the advantages of BW-STB2. For even more convenient use, you can take photos remotely via the shutter button you'll find included. It is compatible with iOS and Android. Now taking photos, even group photos, will be easy and convenient.


Lightweight and compact

The BW-STB2 can be taken with you almost anywhere. The tripod can be easily folded, and thanks to its light weight, storing and carrying it will not be a problem. You can successfully take it on the road or shooting outdoors.




Producer BlitzWolf
Model BW-STB2
LEDs 120 pieces
Modes of operation white light, warm white and warm yellow light
Color temperature 3200-5500 K
Brightness levels 10
Input voltage DC 5V
Length of the USB cable 200 cm
Matches with smartphones with a width of max. 9.14 cm, tablets 13-23.5 cm
Material aluminum alloy



Delivery time 10-19 w.d.

Delivery time 10-19 w.d.
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