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Condenser Microphone for Podcast Saramonic SR-BV1

Condenser Microphone for Podcast Saramonic SR-BV1
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Condenser Microphone for Podcast Saramonic SR-BV1 description

The Saramonic SR-BV1 is a professional condenser microphone that is ideal for recording podcasts, broadcasts, voiceovers or vocal parts. You can also use it during particularly demanding videoconferences and virtual meetings. The device picks up sound in the front part of the capsule while suppressing any interference and noise from the back. A pop filter further minimises the risk of distortion and crackling caused by explosive voices. The microphone does not require an additional power source. It will easily connect to mixers, interfaces or audio recorders equipped with an XLR socket. The Saramonic SR-BV1 is all you need to thrive as a voiceover artist, podcaster, presenter or vocalist! Main Product Features Capacitive cardioid microphone with angle-adjustable handle quick and easy installation on a microphone arm, tripod, boom or stand (5/8" thread) a great choice for podcast and show creators, voiceovers, vocalists and music producers professional broadcast-quality recording support for a wide frequency range allows you to record rich and balanced sound provides smooth low frequencies, a clear midrange and warm and round bass concentrates on sounds recorded at the front of the microphone, while suppressing those entering the capsule from the rear a built-in pop filter to minimise the risk of distortion and crackling caused by explosive voices A shock-absorbing handle integrated into the microphone made of high quality durable metal ideal for recording vocals and musical instruments at close range equipped with popular XLR socket (gold-plated) no additional power supply required foam windscreen included Professional podcast production The Saramonic SR-BV1 condenser microphone for podcasting will allow you to record statements, comments or dialogue tracks with broadcast quality. Its cardioid design makes it focus on the sounds being recorded from the front, while suppressing unwanted background noise. If you like to record in close proximity to a microphone, the Saramonic SR-BV1 will be a great choice. It will make your voice even clearer and appropriately loud. Multiple other uses Do you sing songs or play guitar? Are you a speaker who records at home? Or do you teach specialised courses or online classes where an ordinary microphone hidden in a smartphone or computer does not allow you to achieve satisfactory results? The Saramonic SR-BV1 will prove itself in any of these situations! With it you can quickly and conveniently record auditions, voiceover "off", vocal samples, ideas for new riffs or fleeting melodies that will become the basis for your songs in the future. Sound richness The wide frequency range support that the Saramonic SR-BV1 microphone offers will allow you to record an exceptionally rich and balanced sound. The built-in pop filter will minimise the risk of distortion and crackling that can cause explosive voices (that's all the "p", "b", "t" that cause uncontrolled air ejections) - whether you're speaking or singing. With this microphone, you will rediscover how beautifully smooth low frequencies, clear midrange and warm and round bass can sound. It also comes with a foam wind shield, which will further improve the quality of your recordings. Classic design When working with audio equipment, do you appreciate simplicity and solutions that have been used in music studios around the world for years? Opt for the classics and enjoy the reliability of the Saramonic SR-BV1! Out of the box, you need only seconds to connect the microphone to a mixer, audio interface or sound recorder. No switches, buttons or power requirements! Just an XLR cable and you're ready to record! Convenient mounting The Saramonic SR-BV1 condenser microphone features an ergonomic mounting bracket, which allows for quick and convenient installation on a 5/8" screw. With its help, you can precisely position the device at the right angle, no matter which tripod you use. The mount, which, like the microphone itself, is made of robust metal, will also absorb any shocks and vibrations that may affect the quality of your recordings. The 5/8" thread will also allow you to install the microphone on a boom or desk arm, which will further expand the possibilities of working with the device. Specification model: Saramonic SR-BV1 material: metal type: dynamic directional characteristic: cardioid bandwidth: 20 - 20,000 Hz sensitivity: 57 dB ± 3dB (0 dB = 1 ubar @ 1 kHz) impedance output: 120 Ω wind shield: removable phantom power supply: not required dimensions: 190 x 37.65 x 30 mm weight: 705 g Kit contents Saramonic SR-BV1 microphone with mounting bracket foam shield foam windscreen

Delivery time 14-19 w.d.

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  Delivery time 14-19 w.d.
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