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Code: 01746FOC
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Saramonic SR-PMIC2 is a small, nakamerowy condenser microphone, high-quality sound for cooperation with cameras and video cameras type VDSLR. The use of an external microphone greatly improves the audio recording in relation to the camera's built-in microphone. Karioidalna directivity SR-PMIC2 allows isolation of ambient noise. Microphone with these characteristics is ideal in situations where you need a precise pick-one sound source in a noisy environment. Saramonic SR-PMIC2 equipped with a high-pass filter, which when activated allows to eliminate the interfering low-frequency sounds. the small size of the microphone makes it extremely handy and convenient to use. It is excellent in both of travel, and on every day. Mounting the device on the camera or camera allows the cold shoe compatible with standard sledge flash. Built-in Tripod mount 14 "microphone also allows secure on tripods, booms and other photographic mountings. Attaching the microphone is equipped with a vibration damping system caused by camera movements. The combination of a microphone with a recording device is performed using the supplied in the kit, flexible cable mini jack - mini jack. Specifications - model: SR-PMIC2 - unidirectional microphone - characteristics: cardioid - frequency: 75 Hz - 15 kHz - sensitivity of -40 dB +- 1 dB , 0 dB = 1 V Pa


Producer Saramonic
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