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Laowa Lens Probe 24 mm f / 14 Macro 2: 1 for Nikon

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Laowa Probe 24mm f 14 is a macro lens like no other. Original design allows you to look at the world from up close, and even very close. Enchant an unusual perspective, and even look under the surface of the water. Unusual but effective The unusual appearance of the lens is not a whim designers. It was dictated by the tasks which it has to cope with. Lens measured 41 cm long and has a front optical element for less than 2 cm in diameter. This allows discrete closer to your subject and getting to places previously unreachable. The large scale mapping (2: 1) and a small minimum focusing distance (20 mm from the front lens) will allow you to discover the world of macro photography with a previously unknown side. Take a picture of insects in their natural habitat, imperceptibly tear it up through the thicket of leaves or look in the interior of the bottle. Create the perfect composition will help you sharpen opportunity to infinity. The advanced technology in your hands Long, made entirely of metal lens barrel conceals extremely complex optics, consisting of up to 27 lenses arranged in 19 groups. Focal length of 24 mm provides a field of view of 85 °. Thanks to introduce the subject, taking into account also the scenery in which it is located, as well as keep much more detail than in the case of conventional macro lenses. The precision workmanship and high quality materials guarantee excellent imaging lens. Manual focus and aperture rings work smoothly, putting essential for precision resistance. light in the tunnel as advanced optical design and the size of the front element substantially reduce the amount of light reaching the image. The minimum aperture is only f 14, which photographed the plan must be well-lit. Lens Manufacturer - Venus Optics, however, did not leave her child in the darkness without a secret weapon. Nine LEDs, miniature lamp forming a ring around the front of the lens will allow you to effectively illuminate on the pictures even in complete darkness. The lamp can be powered from an external power source (eg. Power bank) with the included USB cable. Lens for special tasks What else can you do with a wide angle lens for macro photography with an unusual shape, additionally equipped with a ring-shaped LED lamp? Well, you can put it under water! The front element Laowa Probe 24 mm f 14 is in fact sealed against moisture, dust and weather conditions. Lens without fear you can dip in the aquarium, lake or carbonated drink with bubbles. This opens up great possibilities in photography aquarium, product and culinary applications or video. Compatible with multiple systems Laowa Probe 24mm f 14 is available with fastenings EF, Nikon F, Pentax Sony E and K. In combination with a wide range of adapters bayonet lens mount on virtually any camera deals with leading manufacturers. Filmmakers will be interested Cine lens version, which is equipped with a gear setting rings to facilitate cooperation with follow focus systems. See what you can do! They say that a picture can express more than a thousand words. See, therefore, how unique approach can be achieved using this lens: Demo Lens photo and video product by Wu Chun the accessories included with the lens is a set of caps and micro USB cable - USB allows plugging into the power source. Transporting the lens easier equipped with a shoulder strap material sleeve. The whole kit is supplied in a reinforced,


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