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Filtr Bluemorphic PolarPro Quartzline FX do obiektywów 67mm

Filtr Bluemorphic PolarPro Quartzline FX do obiektywów 67mm
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Filtr Bluemorphic PolarPro Quartzline FX do obiektywów 67mm description

Bluemorphic PolarPro Quartzline FX filter for 67mm lenses

Add professional anamorphic-style bluemorphic pillars to your scene without the need for stylized cinema lenses. PolarPro's Bluemorphic filter creates blue streaks on bright light sources or reflections in your scene. Be creative and create shots with unique character. The swivel design will allow you to instantly adjust the angle of the smudge in your scene.

  Movie character

Get cinematic, stylized blue flares without the need for expensive anamorphic lenses and enjoy unique shots. 16 layers of coatings protect against scratches, oil or water so you can use your filter in even the harshest conditions without worrying about damage.   

 Protective casing

You don't have to worry about damaging your filter. It is equipped with a secure housing made of durable materials that not only protects against shocks and drops but is also waterproof. You can protect your filter either on the lens or directly in the Defender360.

Caring for the Environment

PolarPro places a high priority on protecting the environment. Through a partnership with 3Degrees, carbon monoxide emissions have been completely offset. The size of each package has been reduced by almost 75% by using 100% recycled cardboard boxes.



Glass type CinemaSeries
Diameter size 70.5mm
Frame material Brass
Filter thickness 7.5mm
Filter weight 32.9g
Lens size 67mm

Delivery time 10-19 w.d.

Producer Polarpro
Delivery time 10-19 w.d.
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