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Filter RODENSTOCK Digital HR Super MC UV 55 mm

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Filter RODENSTOCK Digital HR Super MC UV 55 mm
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Filter RODENSTOCK Digital HR Super MC UV 55 mm description

Rodenstock UV blocking filters transmit all visible colors of light without loss,
but block the ultraviolet rays which are not visible, but which do
impact the film and sensors and then produce color distortion.
Where or when does disturbing UV radiation occur?
The sun not only radiates light, but also ultraviolet (UV) radiation
which is of similar intensity, but which is reduced by the atmosphere.
In the very clear air by the sea and in the mountains, the
UV radiation has a higher intensity and can produce a blue veil
effect on photos. It causes a haze-like fogging and a loss of contrast
and details at distance.
UV blocking filters ensure natural colors and clear images
The degree of blue distortion and of fogging due to UV radiation
will differ in dependence on the sensitivity of the sensors to ultraviolet
radiation and on the UV transmission of the lenses; thicker
lenses block more than thinner ones. In each case, however, a
good UV blocking filter eliminates all of the disturbing effects of
this radiation and thus ensures colors which are as unadulterated
as possible, with higher contrast and maximum crispness of details.
UV blocking filters are ideal protective filters for front elements
Many photographers use UV blocking filters as protective filters
since they are easy to keep clean and are cheaper than repairing
damaged lenses or lenses scratched during cleaning.
If you do want to leave your UV blocking filter in place at all
times as a protective filter, color neutrality is an absolute requirement.
Most UV blocking filters also reduce blue-violet and blue,
they actually have the effect of a weak yellow filter.
Why Rodenstock UV blocking filters?
Rodenstock UV blocking filters in the HR Digital and Digital pro
series cut out all disturbing UV thanks to their steep absorption
edge. They do this while still transmitting over 97% of violet
light and even more than 98% in the remaining visible range!
This ensures ideal neutral color reproduction which eliminates
bluing and does not distort colors. The UV blocking filter can
thus remain in front of the lens at all times as a protective filter.
Its hardened glass and its highly scratch-resistant coating are
much more durable than the glass of the lens elements.
The high-quality optical glass and perfectly planoparallel surfaces
with extremely smooth polishing equal to the best lenses ensure
lossless sharpness and maximum contrast.
The MC coat, which increases transmission, reduces reflections
and avoids scattered light, helps achieve high image contrast and
prevents ghost images from multiple reflections between the
front lens and the filter.
The extremely thin, but very strong mount allows photos free of
vignetting even at very short focal lengths and still has a front
thread for a lens hood or a lens cap.

Diameter 55 mm

Type UV MC

Producer Rodenstock
Diameter 55 mm
Type UV MC
Product codes

0004PROMC82 4962420880043


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