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Photopoint lens cap 77mm Snap

Code: 02387NRD
Orderable productIn trade available
Liko 3 vnt.
Pristatymas 5-10 w.d.


Lens caps protect the camera's lens from scratches, fingerprints and the elements when the camera is not in use. This lens cap snaps on over the lens of the camera and has a 20 cm leash so the cap hangs with the camera or camera strap when shooting so the cap won't get lost. Thanks to it's snap-design it can be used even when the lens has a hood mounted on it. For lenses with a 77 mm filter thread Protects front lens surface Can be used with filters and hoods Easy to attach and remove from lens Cap leash won't let it get lost


Producer Photopoint
Delivery time 5-10 w.d.
Product codes 02387NRD 4741326404832