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Omega laptop cooler pad Snowball, black

Omega laptop cooler pad Snowball, black
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Omega laptop cooler pad Snowball, black description

Notebook cooler pads are designed to keep notebook cooler by optimizing airflow. With integrated fan, these cooler pads will increase airflow around notebooks body. Furthermore, cooler pad lifts notebook higher and keeps vent grilles unblocked – you can use your laptop on bed, on your sofa or other places without worry.

Omega Snowball cooler pad is suitable for up to 15" notebooks. It is USB powered – you don't have to carry an extra AC adapter around, just plug it into a free USB port. Its powerful fan has a maximum speed of 3000 rpm yet doesn't cause noise. The adjustable angle feature allows you to use it as your notebook's stand with an extra keyboard and mouse; or if you use an extra monitor, you can set each monitor's height to the same level.
  • Suitable for up to 15" notebooks
  • USB power delivery – no need for extra AC adapter
  • Powerful yet silent fan
  • Allows you to use your notebook everywhere without worrying about overheating
  • Cooler pad's adjustable angle makes using your laptop particularly comfortable

Delivery time 5-10 w.d.

Producer Omega
Delivery time 5-10 w.d.
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