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GENESIS COMBO set 4in1 cobalt 330 rgb keyboard + mouse +headphones + mousepad, us layout

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GENESIS COMBO set 4in1 cobalt 330 rgb keyboard + mouse +headphones + mousepad, us layout description

Professional Cobalt 330 RGB gaming set
Why waste time choosing individual gaming peripherals when you can have them all in one set? Cobalt 330 RGB is the perfect combo pack for players who are starting their adventure with virtual entertainment and need a solid keyboard, mouse, headphones and pad.

This is just a combo
What should a good membrane keyboard for gamers have? Of course, the anti-ghosting function. The one in Cobalt 330 RGB allows you to output a combination of up to 19 keys pressed simultaneously, could the rival resist such a deadly combo? In addition, there are 12 multimedia buttons that facilitate the operation of games or movies.

Everything for the player's convenience
This is not the end of the amenities for players, the keyboard also has a special palm rest, an element that many people pay attention to. In addition, there are folding legs that allow you to adjust the height of the device, as well as RGB backlight with the possibility of choosing several lighting modes. After all, why shouldn't the klawa look cool?

First of all, quality
Players most often complain about the mice included with the sets. In the case of Cobalt 330 RGB, there is no weak link: the rodent has been equipped with a precise optical sensor that allows you to set the sensitivity to one of 4 levels, up to 6400 DPI. And would a budget, weak mouse have advanced software with the ability to save profiles and macros?

Firm grip
The Cobalt 330 RGB Rodent is not just any budget mouse that will break down after a few days. The device has durable switches with a lifetime of up to 10 million clicks. Solid workmanship is not everything, because the ergonomic shape of the device makes the mouse comfortable in the hand, which makes it perfect for long hours spent at the computer.

They sound great
The Cobalt 330 RGB headphones boast large 50mm transducers for great sound, and large ear cups that allow tones to propagate. A sensitive microphone placed on a flexible boom is perfect for Team Speaking during the game, but also for online calls. The included removable microphone sponge reduces background noise, which significantly improves the quality of calls.

What do you need a headache for?
One of the most important features of good headphones is their ease of use. After all, no one of their own volition will put on equipment that causes a headache. Cobalt 330 RGB headphones have a soft leather cushion under the headband, as well as extremely soft earcups filled with memory foam. Many hours of use will now be a pleasure.

Guarantee of precision
The culmination of the Cobalt 330 RGB is a rodent pad, thanks to which the mouse can fully show the advantages of a precise sensor. The anti-skid bottom, in turn, ensures proper grip, so that even in the case of sudden movements, the pad will not slip on the desk. The unique gaming pattern of the pad will delight many players.

Warranty 24 months

Delivery time 0-4 w.d.

Producer NATEC
Warranty 24 months
Delivery time 0-4 w.d.
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