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Olympus Linear PCM Recorder LS-P5 Rechargeable, Microphone connection, Stereo, FLAC / PCM (WAV) / MP3, Black, MP3 playback, 59 Hrs 35 min

Olympus Linear PCM Recorder LS-P5 Rechargeable, Microphone connection, Stereo, FLAC / PCM (WAV) / MP3, Black, MP3 playback, 59 Hrs 35 min
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Olympus Linear PCM Recorder LS-P5 Rechargeable, Microphone connection, Stereo, FLAC / PCM (WAV) / MP3, Black, MP3 playback, 59 Hrs 35 min description


The OM SYSTEM LS-P5, a linear PCM recorder, is perfect as a standalone recorder or microphone for filming. Compact and robust, the LS-P5 provides professional filmmakers, YouTube creators, musicians, students and journalists with the sound quality and versatility for which the LS series sound recorders are known.

TRESMIC II directionality control

The zoom microphone offers unique control - it mixes the input signal from three microphones and adjusts directionality at 21 levels while maintaining high sound quality. Choose the optimum settings for any situation - from recording birdsong and music to lectures and meetings.

Linear PCM 96 kHz/24-bit recording

Supports a maximum sample rate of 96 kHz and linear PCM recording at up to 24-bit resolution (three times the information of a CD). Recording and playback format with lossless FLAC compression ensures that high sound quality is maintained while maintaining a small file size. MP3 Audio format up to 320 kbit/s is also available.

Bluetooth connectivity support

Wireless audio monitoring and full control via smartphone and DVR.Remote app for iOS and Android devices (maximum distance 10 m/32 ft).

Microphone sound pressure level (SPL) 125 dB

Distortion-free recording: from loud music and ambient sounds to birdsong and lectures.

Recording modes: smart automatic, manual and smart

Smart automatic mode automatically and dynamically adjusts sound levels. Manual mode allows the recording level to be fine-tuned to the volume of the sound source. Our new smart mode sets the optimum sound level by listening to the environment before recording.

Bright Sound mode for optimal voice recording

The new Bright Sound (Clear Sound) mode enables clearer recording of the spoken word, for example when shooting vlogs, recording lectures or meetings. Recording with increased mid and treble levels allows speech audio to be recorded while limiting ambient sounds.

"Custom modes to make recording easier".

Save your own settings and benefit from 2-microphone noise reduction useful when recording speech in noisy environments. When Noisy Situation mode is on, one microphone listens to ambient noise while you speak into the other microphone.

Pre-recording ensures you capture every sound

With a 2-second pre-recording mode, you'll start recording your lecture at the right moment, and you won't miss a single sound of birdsong. The LS-P5 can also be operated using the DVR.Remote mobile app.

USB Audio multifunction mode

Use as a microphone and USB speaker. Ideal for sharing and conducting online meetings.

Compact design, loud sound

Despite its high-performance microphones and dual battery power, the recorder remains light and compact. It weighs only 78 g and its dimensions are just: 39.6 x 112.2 x 16.1 mm.

Built-in 16 GB memory (and MicroSD card slot)

The built-in 16 GB memory allows up to 7 hours of recordings in high resolution 96 kHZ/24 bits or 21 hours of recordings in CD quality. In addition, microSD cards of up to 2 TB (XC, type I) can be used.

Battery life of up to 37 hours

2 AAA NiMh rechargeable batteries charged via USB are included. A power adapter can be used.

Headphone output and microphone input

Connect an external microphone to the LS-P5 or use the LS-P5 as an external microphone - the recorder is equipped with a microphone input, line input, and headphone output.

Cascade tone and tone test - convenient solutions for recording a video audio source

Cascade tone allows a reference signal to be sent to a digital camera for easy editing. Tone test allows you to set the sound recording levels on your camera.

Tripod mount

The LS-P5 recorder has a standard inch threaded mount, so you can attach it to your camera or microphone tripod (using a hot shoe adapter).


For quiet recordings, use the Normalise function - you'll increase the audio volume, maintain recording quality and avoid distortion.

Split and trim audio files

Edit on the device; split and trim recordings on the LS-P5 without the need for processing on a PC, for example. Add amplification and muting to an audio file.

Find recordings with Calendar Search

With the Calendar Search function, stored recordings are automatically date-stamped and displayed in calendar format, making them easy to find.

Additional playback functions

The LS-P5 has a noise reduction function for excellent playback quality and efficient voice playback - it automatically skips sections of unrecorded speech and plays back only those parts of the file where voice has been recorded, saving time and improving playback quality during transcription.

Manage your recordings easily, create your own folders

Create folders and give them names, e.g. "Conference" or "Lecture". Rename folders and files using the DVR.Remote mobile app.

It's not just a recorder, it's a whole system

The LS system offers many accessories: microphones, shock adapters, cables, cases and a power supply.

Warranty 24 months

Weight 0.28 kg

Delivery time 11-14 w.d.

Producer Olympus
Warranty 24 months
Weight 0.28 kg
Delivery time 11-14 w.d.
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