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How to order products online?

www.fotofabrikas.lt is well known internet shop.There you could find goods designed exactly for you. All goods are delivered direct to customers.
All package are pasted up with attributive of fotofabrikas. When you get it, check the attributive to be sure, that the package delivered safety.


How to order photos?

All goods and souvenirs you can easy and fast order in our e-shop www.fotofabrikas.lt


What is the cost of production photos?

Possible payment:

- In cash - when you take commodities in one of photo salons or when goods are delivered to your place
- By bank transfer - Swedbank e-bank, Hanza ECOMM – at the same time you make the order - By leasing


Can I store pictures on your server?


In this photo salon you can take your photos every day from 16 h.

Baršausko 66A (supermarket MOLAS)
Savanorių pr. 346 (supermarket SAVAS)
Baltų pr. 80 (Žiemga)

In other (Savanorių pr. 16 (Savanorių Hyper RIMI), Žirmūnų g. 64 (Žirmūnų Hyper RIMI), Savanorių pr. 352 (Centras)) you can take after 24 hours from order.

We will deliver at home in three days.

Photo gifts and souvenirs

You can take ordered photo gifts and souvenirs in selected photo salon after 2 working days. We wil deliver at home in 3 days.

Photo commodities

Photo gifts are delivered to selected photo salon in 3 days. If delivery duration ismore than 3 days we contact our client.


As a souvenir book online?

You can take your order in Kodak photo salons.
We can also deliver goods at home, in 48-72 hour period of working days.


What still providing photo services?

If you want to have a souvenir not only with photo but with some note too, you have just write a comment (in the last order step).


What are the payment options?

There are some discounts for customers it depend on the good and accessory you order. More information:

Tel.: +370 604 01010
+370 37 331444
+370 37 331890

Free TEO phone line 8 800 71010
[email protected]


Is there a trade with an advance order is required?

Gif code is available:

  • If you press „Offer price“, you will get a discount code
  • If you have Fotofabrikas gift coupon (you will be able to enter this code and buy goods for the price is given to you)

In the last step in ordering goods, please enter „Gift code“ and press „Use“.

If you wount to buy a gift coupon, please countact with us.


Where can I take ordered goods?

Delivery price depend on goods quantity and price. All price you can find here.
Delivery to photo salon is free.


Can I check out the progress of order?

Every user can easy follow the progress of made orders by order status. More information about this field you can find here.