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Walimex pro slider Dolly 120cm

Walimex pro slider Dolly 120cm

walimex pro slider Dolly Video Rail 120

Smooth, vibration-free and swerve-free video shoots

With the high-quality Slider Dolly Video Rail by walimex pro, which is made from aluminum, you can easily create smooth, vibration-free and swerve-free video shoots with your DSLR, system camera or camcorder. The rail can be adjusted horizontally, vertically and diagonally and adjusted to your individual shooting situation. In order to mount it on one or more tripods, the rail is equipped with additional thread connections.

Dolly with ball bearing

The dolly has a ball bearing and runs smoothly. It ensures that your tracking shots run particularly smoothly and steadily. A fastening screw on the dolly allows a fixation when using the rail vertically or diagonally and a built-in bubble level makes an exact adjustment of the dolly easier.

Adjustable and anti-skid legs

The legs are individually adjustable in their angle and height and therefore allow an exact adjustment to your requirements and the surface. Unevenness in the surface and be canceled out precisely. Rubber feet on the legs ensure a secure footing on all surfaces.

Product features:

  • for smooth, vibration-free and swerve-free video shoots with DSLRs, system cameras and camcorders
  • smooth-running dolly with ball bearing
  • horizontally, vertically and diagonally adjustable
  • additional thread connections for mounting on one or several tripods
  • fastening screw on the dolly for fixation of the dolly
  • built-in bubble level on the dolly
  • adjustable legs with anti-skid rubber feet
  • angle and height of legs individually adjustable
  • max. load capacity: approx. 8kg
  • incl. transport bag

Technical specifications:

  • Total Length: approx. 126cm
  • Length Video Rail: approx. 120cm
  • Max. Load Capacity: approx. 8kg
  • Connection Thread: 3/8 inch (camera dolly), 1/4 inch
  • Weight: approx. 5.2 kg
  • Material: aluminum, steel

Included in delivery:

  • 1x walimex pro Video Rail Slider 60, incl. video rail, legs, allen key M5, transport bag
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