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walimex pro 1,5/85 VDSLR Lens for Canon

walimex pro 1,5/85 VDSLR Lens for Canon

walimex pro 1,5/85 VDSLR Lens for Canon


  • specially developed for photography and videography
  • outstanding portrait lens for reports
  • infinite aperture setting
  • soft, light moving focussing
  • aperture ring and focus ring with gear rim for focussing facilities (Follow Focus Systems)
  • high-grade optical and mechanical quality
  • coated glass lenses
  • distance and aperture scale arranged on the side
  • manual exposure time setting and focussing
  • with lens hood
  • Near focussing limit: approx. 1.1m
  • suitable for Canon EF- and EF-S-Bajonett

specially developed for videography and photography

This wide angle lens from walimex has been developed for videography and photography. The aperture can be infinitely adjusted from 1.5 to 22 and focussing is soft and light moving. This enables soft focus tracking in videography. Both the aperture ring and the focus ring are provided with a gear rim and have thus been optimized for use with focussing facilities (Follow Focus Systems). The distance and aperture scales are arranged on the side for better readability

Versatile focal length for portraits and high lens speed.

Versatile focal length for portraits and high lens speed. The walimex pro 85/1.5 video lens offers the ideal focal length for the portrait area, which enables a vast variety of possibilities in creative filming and photography. The lens is particularly suitable for journalistic photography It comes with a focal length of 85 mm. The fast lens speed of 1:1.5 allows excellent shots, even in less favourable light conditions.

High-quality workmanship

The lens is of a high-quality design. The metal housing is very robust and convinces with its noble optical appearance. The glass lenses of the lens are coated and thus ensure a brilliant contrast and sharpness range as well as a well-rounded colour balance. The particularly high-quality optics of the lens ensures optimal image results. The lens hood prevents lateral incident stray light and lens reflections.

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Gamintojas(?) walimex
Bajoneto tipas Canon
Prekės kodai

141353036VOK 19449 4250234594493

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